Elliott Grimm

From Circle Of The Crone

Player - Tim Edwards

Name - Elliott Grimm

Clan - Gangrel (Status 2 - Elliott is not a typical Gangrel, but spends a lot of time on clan business.)

Age - Neonate. Has claimed to be a vampire less than a decade.

Location - Nomadic, but currently settled in London, England as Hierophant.

Specialties - Politics, information gathering, gossip

Brief history - A member of the Nocturnis Templar lineage of Gangrel, Elliott often plays his cards close to his chest. He lived in Edinburgh a few years but recently moved to London. Many of his lineage are based in Birmingham, England. He is remarkably quiet about his past, usually brushing off enquiries and changing the subject.

It is widely suspected he sleeps around, but he's remarkably discrete as to who with.

Philosophy - A reasonable number of individuals had queried Elliott's refusal to attend "certain rituals" without his ever specifying which ones he objected to. This became a lot more clear when Julia Kincaid publicly referred to him as a follower of the "Left Handed Path".

Elliott spends a lot of time arguing that the Circle should take a political stance of non-interference. This seems to be a common theme in the United Kingdom.

Others about Elliott

Ophelia Schwartz, Antwerp coven - Elliott is like that cookie you know you really shouldn't be having...

Dokisha: Hierophant of the Antwerp Coven - He's not my kind of pussy.

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